Our approach

In 2018, to celebrate its 120th anniversary, Terre&Nature launched the operation « Solidarity milk, 100% local » to support Swiss producers, many of whom were in difficulty in a very tight dairy market.

Wishing to connect local dairy producers with consumers, Terre&Nature created a bottle with a fresh and original design, as well as a digital platform containing an interactive map that enables consumers to obtain supplies of fair-trade milk from farmers, dairies and grocers throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Based on this experience and the success of the platform, we have decided to continue its development so as to open it to all producers and actors involved in direct sales. Whether you are a farmer, fisherman, beekeeper or winemaker, take advantage of this tool to make yourself known!

A simple and effective geolocalised directory

Our directory enables users to easily find local home-grown products, thanks to an interactive map and an effective search tool.

Its hosting on the Terre&Nature website, which attracts over a million page views per year, offers each producer first-class visibility while enabling him to dispense with the constraints related to applications currently available on the market. No need to upload an app or update it regularly: the directory and its geolocalisation tool are accessible whatever device is used, a simple access to Internet is enough.

Significant visibility for each producer and an easy-to-manage account.

Each producer can create his/her account and manage the information intended for display on the platform: address, contact, opening times, products and services.


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